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Trenchless Water Main Replacement Burnaby

Trenchless Water Main Replacement in Burnaby

The people always think of a plumber only in relation to stuck up toilet or sinks or broken water heater. The truth, however, is that plumbers do a lot more than what people credit them for. They are responsible for repairing leaks in the water line, cleaning the drain, toilet repair, garbage disposal repair, water heater services, sewer repair, cleaning and unclogging pipes. But perhaps the bigger and more important work some of them do is trenchless water main replacement in Burnaby.

Importance of Water

All kinds of problem that could possibly hit with water supply are worrisome because of the importance of water in our daily lives. We use it for cooking, washing dishes, washing of clothes, watering the plants, cleaning the house. Practically most of what we do in the house or at work will require water, especially where keeping surroundings clean is concerned.

When the main water line to our home or our office bursts or is broken, it could mean a longer downtime which is not quite appealing to most people. Smaller or minor water pipes in the system could be locked down through gate valves, which makes it possible for water to still flow in other areas of the system. But this is not possible when it is the main water line that breaks down.


Though all problematic main water lines need to get fixed, there are two ways of doing it: trenchless or the traditional method. In the traditional method, one has to dig up before one can see the main water line, assess repair needed, and proceed with the actual repair. The trenchless method basically means minimal digging will be done to resolve the problem.

Ways of Going Trenchless

CIPP. CIPP stands for Cured-in-place pipe because it simply boosts the existing pipelines. The boosting process fills any hole or cracks in the existing pipe as it gets refined with a PVC-infused liner.

Inversion Lining. This method is similar to the CIPP, with the only difference being the material of the lining used is that of the felt tube.

Pipe Bursting. This method involves using a new pipe with a bursting head on the end that is fed through the old pipe. The bursting head shatters into pieces the existing pipe as it lays the new pipe. As one can see, it does not require digging just to replace the old pipe.

Pull-in-Place Lining. This process is similar to the preceding method, with just a minor difference – that of digging two small holes from which the existing pipe will be pulled.

Benefits of Going Trenchless

The sum total of the associated costs of going trenchless is almost equal the cost of going the traditional way. However, going trenchless is more beneficial because it prevents future problems as well with the materials used and the process employed.

In addition to the aforementioned, it takes a shorter time to do this newer method that does not require digging. Want to go for a trenchless water main replacement in Burnaby? Go online now and call for an easy appointment.

Trenchless Water Main Replacement Burnaby
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