roofing contractor Katy

Quandahl Roofing is the best solution to safeguard your roof’s structural integrity and overall health. We have the perfect roofing contractor in Katy for you. Simply contact us, and we’ll send an expert to your house to analyze your roof’s overall stability. Afterward, we will repair or replace it entirely, making sure it stays strong for years to come.

What does a roofing contractor do?

Simply put, we repair and replace roofs for anyone that chooses us as their official roofing contractor. Our company has been doing this since 1986, and we have always worked to the advantage of the people. We want to build a strong reputation by providing the best possible services – excellent roofing from quality materials that will last in time.

Whenever you think that your roof needs special attention, contact us, and we’ll perform a free assessment. We want our clients to know exactly about the state of their roof, and what repairs they need, if any. You must make an informed decision, and we will provide any information you need. Our job is to guarantee your roof will do its job perfectly for the next one or two decades.

Help with the insurance process

When it comes to dealing with the insurance company, few other companies are as experienced and knowledgeable as we are. We offer the services of our insurance specialist to help you with the entire insurance process. From filing the claim to receiving the funds, and eventually completing the project, we will always be your right hand.

Most importantly, we don’t work for the insurance company, and we don’t have their interests in mind. Instead, we only care about your home, and how we can fit it with the best possible roofing. Choose us as your roofing contractor in Katy, and we will put forth all our efforts to help you with your roofing needs.

The best roof replacement

Whether your roof is already past its prime, wrinkled and white-haired or last night’s hailstorm damaged it; we have the perfect solution. You either need to repair or replace it entirely, and we offer both of these services efficiently and comfortably.

We’ll send an expert to analyze your roof, assess the level of damage and the work it needs. If you want to replace it, then we’ll directly get down to the details, and talk about your ideal roofing replacement.

What is the best roofing contractor?

We are Houston’s number one choice when it comes to roofing repairs, replacement, and installations. If you want the best roofing contractor in Katy, then we can provide excellent roofing maintenance services, unlike any other roofing company. Contact us to find out more.

Quandahl Roofing is your best bet when your roof is starting to get old or damaged after the numerous hailstorms and storms. For cracked or missing shingles, we will immediately repair your roof so the next storm won’t catch you unprepared. Reach out to our roofing contractors to get the job done today!

roofing contractor Katy
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