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Like plumbing issues, your roof needs consistent maintenance before small problems add up into something disastrous. If you’re looking for a contractor to fix your roof leak in Houston, contact us at Quandahl Roofing. We assist our clients with roof repairing and roof replacement, as well as insurance support.

What are the signs that my roof is leaking?

The most visible sign is obviously noticing water dripping inside the house during bouts of heavy precipitation or if you notice missing shingles on your roof. Another sign is if you notice a large water stain on your ceiling, and the stain can sometimes have a brown outline. It’s less visible, of course, if you have a ceiling that’s dark in color.

If water manages to leak to the interior of your house, you may notice water stains or damp in your attic, along with mold and a musty smell. Also, pay attention to the exterior and interiors of your walls. If there are water stains near the roof lining in your exterior walls, it could be due to a leaky roof or damaged downspouts.

If you encounter moss or mold growth on your walls or roof, it could also be due to a leaking roof.  A mossy roof may give your house a rustic, cottage-like appearance, but you should investigate what causes it. Often this could be due to your downspouts not working correctly or a damaged roof.

Can I fix the roof on my own without a contractor?

There are a lot of online guides and tutorials on how you can fix a roof. While they are great as temporary, emergency fixes, it's better to seek professional help for more long-lasting solutions. It is better to fix your roof properly once than keep doing temporary fixes. You never know if these small problems with your roof symptoms of much more significant issues that are looming ahead, leading to costlier repairs or replacements in the future.

Getting a professional to fix your roof is even more important if you plan on selling your house. These problems are easy to detect and will reduce the value of your house. If you need assistance with a roof leak in Houston, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to find good roofing contractors

The crucial thing to consider when hiring any contractor is their credentials. It’s not just about fixing a roof, as there are specific codes to abide by legally. So, you want to ensure that any professional you hire has this expertise.

You should speak with several contractors (at least three) before narrowing down your list. Find out about what past clients have to say about their service, before hiring. So, a good contractor should be able to give you a list of references or contact details of past clients. Also, if you do hire a roofer, it’s better to avoid wet seasons.

Are you experiencing a leaky roof or need to replace your roof? Quandahl Roofing is here to help you, with roof installation, replacement or a roof leak in Houston.

roof leak Houston
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