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Sometimes, it is easy to overlook maintaining your roof properly until something inevitable happens, and there are water and debris everywhere in your house! At Quandahl Roofing, we offer inexpensive roof repair in Houston. After being active in the business for many years, you can trust the quality of our services.

What are the best ways to minimize roof damage?

Damage to the roof often leads to water leaking into your house, and there are several reasons for your roof leaking. For example, if your downspouts or gutters are not working, water can collect in and around the shingles. So, you should regularly clean your gutter system out and remove things like leaves or acorns that can cause clogs.

Broken shingles are also another apparent reason for water leaking. You should regularly inspect and fix or replace any broken shingles, especially before the rainy seasons. This job will be easier if you ask for a maintenance program from a roofing contractor, as they can identify things you didn’t know.

If you decide to your own inspection, check the flashings in your roof. These are thin strips of metal put under shingles at joints, like where the roof and chimney meet to bridge any gaps. Most cracks occur around the ‘joints’ in a roof, where there is a change of plane or where it meets structures like chimneys.

How to tell when you should call in a roofing contractor

Your roof decking plays a huge role in the health of your roofing system since it's the layer between the interior of your house and the roofing material. The roof decking typically consists of materials like wood, which can corrode or wear over time, especially with exposure to moisture.

This is also why you should fix any broken shingles or unclog your gutters because they can let in water that damages the roof decking. Replacing shingles or cleaning downspouts is easy while repairing the roof decking is far more difficult and expensive. If you’re looking for inexpensive roof repair in Houston, give us a call or browse our website for more about our roofing services.

The best way to tell is if you can see damp, mold or mildew in the attic. This means water already penetrated the decking and it needs repairing.

Do I really need a roofing contractor?

Most roof maintenance tasks require you to get up on the roof, whether it’s cleaning the gutters or replacing shingles. There were around 500,000 injuries per year in recent years, most of them being homeowners who were trying to fix roofing issues.

A roofing contractor will know the safest procedures and have the equipment to fix your roof safely. Also, hiring a general contractor instead of a roofer is a common cause for roof damage, so ensure you make this distinction before hiring one.

Roof repair services can be expensive, and there are plenty of contractors who can rip you off regardless of the cost. If you’re looking for a reliable contractor that carries out inexpensive roof repair in Houston, contact Quandahl Roofing.

inexpensive roof repair Houston
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