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Roofs are harder to fix during the wet season, so don’t wait for major problems to occur before calling a contractor. If you spot any stains on your walls or dripping water, contact us at Quandahl Roofing. We are a roofing company in Sugar Land that carries out repairs and replacements.

The common reasons your roof is leaking

While some leaking issues may be specific to installation and materials, other causes are common to all. Damage to the flashing is a common source of roof leaks. Flashing are thin strips of metal that are under shingles or at the joints in a roof, whose purpose is water resistance. So, if there are cracks in the flashing, water will seep inside.

Another prominent cause of a leaking roof is broken shingles, which allow water to penetrate. Also, like the flashing, the sealing at the valleys in a roof should be robust. These are where two different planes in a roof meet, and if the sealing here is damaged, water will find a way in.

During the wintertime, any build-up of ice in your roof or known as an ‘ice dam’ can also cause roof leaks once the ice starts to melt. The damage could be from the abrasive effects of the ice itself, or the sheer amount of water weight in the ice dam.

Why should I hire a roofing contractor?

A typical mistake a lot of homeowners make is to hire a general contractor to install or repair their roof. Roofing requires specialized knowledge and skills, and poor roofing jobs are a common reason behind roof leaks. There are certain materials, sealants, and techniques in roofing that general contractors won’t have experience in.

Checking credentials and licensing is essential when choosing a roofer, and you want to ensure that they have certification from the shingles manufacturer they are using. If you’re searching for a roofing company in Sugar Land, call us and check out our website to find out about what we do.

How should I prepare my roof for the winter and wet seasons?

It’s important to note that a lot of roofing contractors may be hesitant to fix your roof during the wet season or winter. So, it is best to carry out a thorough inspection for any issues before the seasons start, to avoid any emergencies. First, you must clean out the gutters and downspouts that may have clogs and cause water to pool around the roof.

Check for any damage to the shingles and replace them if necessary. Pay special attention to ‘joints’ in a roof and the flashing near them (metal strips under shingles). Check for any cracks in the flashing or joint sealants, including around the chimney or where two roof planes join. Finally, check that the insulation in your attic is not damaged.

Looking for a roofing company in Sugar Land to fix your roof? Quandahl Roofing will help you with installing a new roof and replacing or repairing the existing one.

Roofing Company In Sugar Land
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