Best Roofing Company In Katy

Come to the best roofing company in Katy, and let us repair your roof back to its pristine state. We even replace and install new roofs if you need, so don’t hesitate to contact us. Quandahl Roofing is at your service regardless of the roofing problems you have.

How long does a roof last?

Depending on the material, a roof can last from 20 to 50 years, but this doesn’t account for any external factors such as harsh weather and aggressive hailstorms. If you have a shingle roof, then it’ll most probably last for about 20 years tops. Although, you’ll most likely have to repair it before those 20 years are up because of unexpected damage to it.

In this case, we can provide the best roofing services in Houston, whether you need repairs or roofing installation. We will strive to fulfill your desires of an ideal roof, and we’ll always work in your best interests. In this sense, we’ll never pretend your roof needs replacing when, in reality, all it needs is a few repairs here and there.

The best Houston roofing company

If you live in Houston, then there’s no better roofing provider that us. We’ve been around since 1986, providing quality roof repairing, and helping people regain their peaceful home. The weather can be a fickle lover – sometimes, it cools you with its relaxing winds, and sometimes, it might send your roof flying. Or it might drill holes in your shingle with the tempestuous hail.

In the latter case, you will only need small roofing repairs, not a full replacement. We are at your disposal, and when you decide that your roof requires special attention, we’ll send an expert there. After the initial assessment, our expert will determine what level of repairs your roof requires, and we’ll recommend a course of action. The decision is still up to you.

Excellent roofing repair services

When your roof is nearly at the end of its lifespan, you know you need to do something about it. A full replacement seems like the only choice you have.  However, that’s not necessarily the truth, as your roof might only need general repairs. Contact us, and we’ll send someone down there to determine the severity of the situation.

As one of the most experienced and best roofing company in Katy, we will handle both situations – either repairing or replacing your roof. If you have roof insurance, then it’s even better. Our insurance specialist will attend the insurance adjuster meeting and support your best interests.

How should you choose your roofing contractor?

There are many roofing contractors out there offering professional roofing services, but few of them provide quality results. Ours is the best roofing company in Katy, a reputation that we’ve built across the years. Moreover, our satisfied clients number in the tens of thousands.

Come to Quandahl Roofing to get professional help with your roof. Our expert roofers will work efficiently and provide a high-quality roof that you will love. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free roofing inspection where we determine your roof’s health.

Best Roofing Company In Katy
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